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VC Fund

We invest in innovative software and hardware projects at startup stage, contributing to cleaner Earth, more natural environment and wiser society.

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VFE invests in projects around Industry 4.0 and IoT which:

Develop and implement innovative software and hardware contributing to cleaner Earth, air and water.

Commercialize technologies significantly improving ergonomics of work and productivity of systems.

Implement new business models supporting improvement of life quality and work conditions.

Our Fund in a nutshell:


Technology and ICT projects with global reach

Initial Fund size:

30 m PLN


RST (private funding) + Polish Development Fund (public funding)

Stage of projects:

Seed, startup, early growth

Ticket size:

1 - 4m PLN
(250 - 1m EUR)


Equity or buyout

Co-investments allowed:


Fund lifetime:

10 years

Here you can learn more about us and the investment process:


Our investments:

B2C, IoT, Industry 4.0

B2B, Industrial waste management

B2B, e-commerce, enterprise software

B2B, B2C, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence

B2B, Industry 4.0

B2B, Artificial Intelligence, Child Care

B2B, education, food

B2B, enterprise software

B2B, Healthcare, VR

Investments which we carry out:
Industrial automation/ robotics
Smart solutions for clean environment
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Software & hardware platforms

Our team:

Tomasz Popów

Tomasz Popów

General partner

Specialist in business modeling in Internet projects and e-commerce. Entrepreneur, co-founder, and manager of various companies i.e. XOFTO, SkyStorage, Software Brothers, Sheetsu, RentingLock, Carly, Zeccer, SmartLunch.

E-mail: tomek@vfe.vc

Twitter: @tomekpopow

Linkedin: tomekpopow

Bartłomiej Dąbkowski

Bartłomiej Dąbkowski

Investment Manager

Since 2012 dealing with innovative projects and working with outstanding teams. Strong analytical mind mixed with fondness for agile. Experienced Project Manager & Scrum Master.

E-mail: bartek@vfe.vc

Twitter: @dabkowskiB

Linkedin: bartekdabkowski

Joanna Krysiak

Joanna Krysiak

Office Manager

Experienced specialist in EU funds for business. Managed many projects at every stage of development, from the idea to settlement of received funding.

E-mail: joanna@vfe.vc

Linkedin: krysiakjoanna

Our partners:

RST Software Masters PFR Ventures

RST Ventures For Earth sp. z o.o. ASI SKA implements a project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund under:

Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020

Measure 3.1 Increased funding of the SME innovative activity using venture capital (VC)

Sub-measure 3.1.1 Investments in innovative enterprises – STARTER

The Fund created in cooperation with PFR Ventures.

  • Objective: The project aims to support early stage innovative companies
  • Planned results: Under the project, The Fund will provide funding to the 26 eligible entities.
  • Total project’s costs: 30 000 000 PLN
  • EU contribution: 23 000 000 PLN

RST Ventures for Earth
Sudecka 96, 53-129
Wrocław, Poland

RST Ventures for Earth sp. z o.o. ASI SKA
Sąd Rejonowy dla Wrocławia-Fabrycznej
VI Wydział Gospodarczy
KRS 0000757194 NIP: 8992853358
Kapitał zakładowy: 520 000 zł
Pos. 65th in the ASI KNF register

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